June 30, 2020

Donation to Kingdom Faith Fellowship

Donation to Kingdom Faith Fellowship

Frank P. Crivello of Phoenix Investors Donates $100,000 to Kingdom Faith Fellowship

As reported on PR Newswire

MILWAUKEE, WI (June 30, 2020)—Frank P. Crivello, Chairman & Founder of Phoenix Investors (“Phoenix”), a national private commercial real estate firm headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, announced a contribution totaling $100,000 was made to Kingdom Faith Fellowship (“KFF”), a non-denominational church located just east of Milwaukee’s Grover Heights Neighborhood. Given financial challenges exaggerated by the effects of COVID-19, Phoenix paid KFF’s accumulated rental fees.

“As we all know, establishments of every type have been suffering from the impact of COVID-19, especially religious organizations,” said Frank P. Crivello in an official statement. “We are honored to help support Kingdom Faith Fellowship, an establishment that helps foster a true sense of community. With physical meeting spaces still under drastic limitations and offerings on perpetual hold, donations are integral to the survival of our community fixtures.”

Kingdom Faith Fellowship, led by Senior Pastor Robert Randolph, exists to provide spiritual, physical, and emotional healing through their ministry efforts and has been serving the Greater Milwaukee community since 2007. “We are honored to have community partners like Phoenix investors who understand the need to support religious organizations making an impact in the city of Milwaukee. We are grateful for their support,” said Pastor Randolph in a statement.

Kurt Jensen is the Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Leasing of Phoenix Investors, a national real estate firm specializing in industrial real estate based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of entrepreneurial, management, and deal-making experience.

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